Medals of Honor

With the constant barrage of commercials from USAA and the most recent story on FoxNews this morning interviewing a Medal of Honor recipient, you would make you think I’m a flaming military hating liberal!  But you would be wrong, I love and support our all volunteer army, I just don’t find the people who volunteer to be the brightest.  To be sure there are exceptions to that finding, but the vast number of the guys and gals put through our armed services are cannon fodder.

This morning’s kvetching stems from a new USAA commercial.  Every time I hear it I want to yell at the TV screen.  This commercial talks about how every one who has insurance has number, but only USAA understands the person behind the number.  Really?  How is that possible?  Your insurance company doesn’t have any brick and mortar store fronts, only phone banks of impersonal operators, waiting to take your call!  Well the commercial states that because you severed in the Military, they know you, how strange, because they never meet the person face-to-face, they don’t live in your neighborhood, they don’t understand the local culture, they only know you severed and they want your money.

They is another commercial, from a home loan company, New Day, I think.  In their ad, they state that because you where in the military you should be able to purchase a home with zero money down, no matter how screwed up your credit is, all because, “we know who you are”.  So most soldiers and sailors I know (Airmen and Marines are part and parcel of solider or sailor – I make no distinction), had plenty of money for beer, cigarettes and tattoos, but we constantly hear how little they are paid.  Yet, we the taxpayer provide them with free housing, supplemented food, clothing, gym membership and a host of other things that the rest of us have to pay for – with our own money!  I’m tired of hearing how little servicemen make, putting them on pedestals and giving them tons of financial breaks because the weren’t smart enough to get a job or get into schooling or “just didn’t know what they wanted to do” after high school.

Now, one to Fox and Friends this morning.  They had a Medal of Honor recipient on, one brave solider.  Deserved the medal, no doubt about it.  They are talking about a new book that he helped author, it’s a collection of stories from soldiers in the wars over in Afghanistan and Iraq.  At one point he talks about some 14 year old girl, whose mother got wounded in an IED attack on her HUMVEE.  Now the poor girl has to “nurse” her mother, no more worrying about twitter or what party she might go to this weekend – to whit, the interviewer states, Military families have in so much harder.  Again, I’m calling bullshit!  Many, many more regular ordinary folks get grievously injured in automobile and motorbike accidents every year in the US – forcing family and friends to pitch in and stop worrying about social life outside of caregiving.

Sorry if I have come off as trashing our military.  As I said before, I think our military is a great institution.  It provides America with safety and security, I’m just not going to act like a 13 year old girl at her first pop-start concert over them.


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