Early Thoughts on My New Phone

So about 3 months ago we upgraded our iPhones.  My wife’s phone was an older 4 series, and wouldn’t let her get voicemail anymore.  Mine was a newer 5S, but had stopped charging.  Luckily we both had upgrades waiting for us to use!  I was hesitant about upgrading to the larger phone.  I liked the thinness, but still didn’t like the way the phone fits the hand, it’s too big, I can’t imagine using the Plus.

Now I have know android users with the small tablets called phones, I always found them to be comical at best.  I have been in meetings where others have pick-up there tablets and held them to their ear … giggling.  I can see the advantage of the larger screen for reading emails and looking at websites, but honestly my older phone was find for all of this, and if I have an important email, I don’t even use my iPad, I make sure to view it full size on my MacBook.

So where am I on the new phone 3 months in?  I still don’t like the size; it doesn’t fit my hand, it doesn’t fit in my pocket.  I don’t like the close button being on the side instead of the top.  However, I do like the screen, it’s great.  I really like the larger format. I guess if I had to give the iPhone 6 a grade it would be a solid B+, I would rather go back to the size of the iPhone 5’s.


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