Glory and Guns

I was inspired to write today by a quote over 230 years old.  Thomas Paine said it best.


That is the basic meaning behind the 2nd Amendment.  It was true when it was written in 1789 and ratified 2 years later and it is true today.  The difference, we have allowed the central government to become much larger and intrusive that ever imagined by the Founding Fathers.

Also note the blog picture, it’s my favorite handgun, the Browning Hi-Power.  Commissioned by the French before WWII, made in Belgium factories and designed by that most ingenious of firearms designers, John Moses Browning, an American.  While the German Luger was most coveted by collectors on both sides of the war, the German’s really wanted those factories and the Hi-Power.  The Luger was a find weapon, and if I ever get the opportunity I will purchase one, but it was very finely crafted and was prone to jams when used in battlefield conditions.  I have purchased a late model Hi-Power and I much prefer shooting it to the Colt 1911.  Part of that is the reduced recoil of the 9mm vs. the .45acp, but much of it is the the way the firearm naturally points, the angle of the grip, that is comfortable to the hand and the far fewer safeties involved!

I have digressed again.  The real point of the picture is to note that it’s a stock photo.  Why so?  Because I can not legally own the Hi Power in the State of NY, thus my fine firearm lives in my mother’s attic in Pennsylvania.  I get to shoot it when I visit and have time to hit a local indoor range.  I am just counting the days that are left until I move out of NY and to a more friendly firearm state.  I will still have to find a range I enjoy, but I will not have to register or prostrate myself before the State to claim what is mine, a Right as guaranteed under the Bill of Rights.

Is it not these Rights that we fought and won a revolution for some 250 years ago?


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