I love the picture above.  It is not mine, it is “stolen” from a DuckDuckgo web search, however it does visually summarize what I like in my favorite time of the day.  Solitude, stillness, quite, the warm of the coming day hasn’t arrive yet.  Since my untimely departure from my last job, I have had much time to enjoy my mornings.  Lately it’s been on the back three-season porch, it’s really nice as it is on the western side of the house, so with the windows open you can feel the cool breeze, hear the birds and watch the squirrels.  All while enjoying a hot cup of strong coffee!

Morning Cup of Joe
Morning Cup of Joe

Good coffee.  Yes I have written about this subject before, but there really is something about a great cup of coffee in the morning stillness.  For me it’s more than the caffeine hit, I like a good dark roast, something that brings out the right amount of acid and full flavor.  Roasting coffee seems to be a lost art.  It’s like the craft beer industry.  Roast for a good cup and they will come – not the over hyped, over cooked drivel that is served at your local green and white store, you know the one, its the store with all the hipsters and wifi leeches hanging out.

There past few months have been so radically different to me.  I have never been out of work since college, and I worked summers since senior High School.  The only time I was out before this was when I changed jobs back in 2013, I combined my two week notice (I knew they would not ask me to work out the time) and my remaining two weeks of vacation to give myself a full month of “in-between time”.  I used this time to work really hard on packing and moving small lots of stuff to our new apartment, as well as copious amounts of time refinishing two ceilings and fixing up my house for sale or rent.  I really was refreshing, and I could have used another four weeks to do everything I wanted to do, but enough was completed that we were able to rent the house, and now the renters are hanging on until they can afford to purchase the place.

This past March I was “let go”, as they like to say in HR nowadays.  It has been fifteen weeks of unemployment, now the truth is that they gave me about two months of severance and a bonus two weeks before letting me go.  So by cutting back modestly, we were able to stretch this into not going too far into debt, credit cards that were collect dust, have been reactivated for big things like car and truck repairs, but we should be at a zero loss situation when I start my new job the end of this month. So 18/19 weeks out of work, has given me plenty of time to while away the mornings.  Some days I feel like I’ve wasted my time, even when I get little tasks completed, other days I poured myself into a large multi-day project and felt great at the end of each day.  Lately I’ve tried to get myself back into the habit of making a to do list, this keeps me focused.  Especially now as we have realtors coming to take pictures and put the house back on the market.

The list also helps me sort out other project work, like setting up appointments with moving companies, getting the things the new company needs prior to me showing up for work completed, and other projects around the house.  In some ways it’s bitter sweet.  I’m glad I’m no longer working for Primaloft, that place was an emotional drain every day, including weekends!  Yet cleaning, organizing and planning, and living through the first warm months in this house have been really nice.  I’m sure we will be able to find a nice or nicer place in Tennessee, but we will be capital poor as we will lose much of our investment in this house due to the quick turnover from purchase to sale.

Well now the morning is over and the heat of the day is in full force.  Time to get the project work in full steam ahead mode.


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