Support Your Local Police Department

I put a picture of Texas up because as of this writing this is where the latest trashing of the police is taking place.  This current trend started in Ferguson, Missouri with the fatal shooting of a career criminal Michael Brown.  The Grand Jury found that the officers involved in the shooting were justified; but that wasn’t the outcome the race-baiter int eh country wanted, so a campaign to fire up the natives was instituted.  (

Fast forward 8 months to Baltimore, Maryland.  Now we have another career criminal arrested and fighting with the police and then ending up in a comma while being transported to lockup.  Much like Ferguson, the punks and gangs used this as an excuse to loot, riot and burn the city; all enflamed by the same race-baiter from Ferguson.  The facts, that took weeks to be reported, include that Freddy was in a car accident and had neck surgery just a few weeks before.  Add to this, another criminal telling the police that he heard “banging noises” while being transported with Freddy.

Now this week we have McKinney, Texas.  Nine officers are called to a gated-community pool that has been over run by unto 70 teenagers (apparently all organized via Twitter).  So now the officers roll up on a chaotic melee of black youths fighting with community members, each other and security (who called the police in the first place).  Meanwhile, cell phone footage shot outside the gated pool area shows one officer trying to detain several youths, only one or two is complying, so he does what he is trained to do, shout to get everyone’s attention, tackle and cuff the nearest offender (happens to be a mouthy, bionic-clad, black gal) and then is bum-rushed by two females and two males from two different sides.  I would have drawn my sidearm as well (from the video it appears he did not have a taser or some other less-than-lethal device).  So what happens now, all the race-baiter come out of the woodwork, the media starts their slanted coverage, even FoxNews doesn’t wait for all the facts.

By the afternoon, eyewitnesses are coming forward to back the police actions.

We need to stop this blame the Police and stifle their power to do their very dangerous jobs.  Since Baltimore handcuffed their Police and the Mayor of NYC stopped “Stop and Frisk” violent crime has skyrocketed in both of those cities and as always Chicago is out of control, on track to be the murder capital of the US again.  So the fear mongers and race baiters and left-leaning talking heads are of course asking for less Police and new “gun” laws.  Sorry that is the absolute wrong direction.  We need more police, more jails to put these punks into, and less restrictive laws infringing on the 2nd Admendment.

Thank God I am moving to a new State the respects the Constitution and people.


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