Of Writing

So this past week I have been traveling in search of new work, which has taken me on several airplane trips, during which time I finished my latest SciFi read (see this entry Mars and “The Martian” ), and have now picked up Charles Krauthammer’s book “Things that Matter”.  I’m only through the Intro and Chapter One, but this collection of print articles, grouped by subject matter, instead of time, has shown me that I can continue my 500+ words a day and not have to write about a single subject matter.  I can write about whatever the day’s event strike me as worthy.  Granted Mr. Krauthammer’s writing are loosely capped by politics and his passion for baseball.  I think my writings will be capped by several subject/topics until I find one or two that I really enjoy, then the blog will take shape.

In the meantime, I have accepted a the Job in Tennessee.  With the much nicer winters and Philadelphia-like summers, I will have more time to spend driving my roadster!  Maybe I’ll spend more time writing about my little green machine, or my dream sport car.  Going to live in a very firearm friendly state, maybe I’ll spend more time shooting and write about my ideal trap gun or how much I enjoy shooting my AR.  Maybe I just write about the things I like or don’t like about living south of the Mason-Dixion line or how much I miss Pennsylvania.  I was getting closer to PA, now I’ll be further away than ever before.

Who knows.  I only care that I can continue to write and get better at the craft.  I am still hoping this process, along with reading more new SciFi, will help me to get the bits of stories from my head to “paper”.  Maybe one day I’ll get a published short story – that would be way cool.  That would be the highlight of my biography, right after my boys and wife.


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