Tennessee and Mornings

Back from Tennessee late last night, but the dog decided that drinking from the toilet (I love how women like to complaint about seats left up, yet, they rarely put both lids down) was a great idea at quarter to five this morning (note, I fell into bed around 1:30!)  The reason for the travel to western Tennessee was for a final job interview.  Well, not exactly, I believe they were ready to make an offer before they invited us down, yes both me and the wife.  It was more about selling us on the area, to make sure we really want to live in western TN.

The weather was great, a little warmer than New York, and it only rained for a little bit on Saturday afternoon, right about the time we were finishing up lunch and then it was a great cloud burst.  On the drive to Memphis, we heard the server weather alert for areas north of us; areas that we had driving through that morning.  Should we decide to take the job, we will probably live in Jackson.  We are not looking forward to going back to apartment life, but hey, we gotta sell this house here in New York first!

So up early.  Haven’t done that in a long time.  And this morning it’s very overcast  here in New York.  It made it easy to drag the computer and cup of coffee out on the “sun” porch and listen to the wind and light drizzle.  There was also some rabbit watching – a fun little rabbit has been hanging around the back yard, until the neighbor’s cat showed up!  The cat is gone,and the rabbit is back.  I really miss wildlife.  In Maine, wildlife was always around the house.  I think, if we get into a house, we would see more wildlife in Tennessee.

I really enjoyed my time this morning, I had almost two hours to myself.  Time to think.  If the sun had been out, I would not have been able to spend the time pondering.  I still need more time to think, but for know, the time alone with my thoughts was great!


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