So today the wife and I get to travel together for business, sort of.  One of the companies I’m looking to get an offer from, has invited both of us down to Tennessee to make sure we will enjoy living in the western part of that state, before they move to the next phase, which is the offer phase!

I feel that if I could survive 23 years in Maine, I can survive 10-15 years in Western Tennessee.  I won’t miss the snow, nor it’s removal, but the heat, country music and southern drawls may take some getting used to.  Also, getting back to a more rural setting, after living in suburbia for the last two, make take a while to get used to as well.

Having a job to get ready for and go to each day will help with my state of unrest, but going back to apartment life will not.  As long as I feel like the job is progressing, i.e. if I have any lingering feelings of “this feels like TTI”, I will not commit to a house.  Please don’t misunderstand me, I love owning a house – the yard work, the upkeep, decorating, painting, etc.  However, I still have a house in Maine that will be rented for another 18 months or so until I can get my renters to purchase it from me, and then I will have this house here in NY to sell when I move out of state.  So I think it will be at least a year in an apartment, maybe two, before we can start the process of looking for a new house.

My hope is that I can make this new job last the 15 years until retirement age, and then have enough saved that we can retire from work-a-day life, maybe pick-up a part time job, and move back to Pennsylvania – assuming PA stays conservative and doesn’t fall under the liberal influence of the NE and New Jersey!


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