First Upholstery Project Complete

So with some time on my hands these past few weeks, I have worked 30 to 60 minutes each morning, before the heat of the day swung around to the back porch, I have finally finished the upholstery of the knitting chair.  I took the chair down to bare wood, tightened up some of the joints, cleaned it up and restrung the seat and back.  Tying the springs back in was interesting. The first thing to do is to nail the webbing and pull it taunt with a special tool.  We like special tools.  Then using the magnetic hammer to pick-up and drive the nails with one hand, while keeping the webbing tight with the other.  The springs get tighter in with string and a curved needle.  Then the tops are strung together to make the springs work together.  Afterwards, the whole thing is covered with burlap and the tops of the springs are tied to the burlap.

Once all the springs are tied in, on this chair the back and seat had to be completed before the finished fabric could be applied; foam or padding of choice is applied to smooth out the seat and back.  Adding the finished fabric looks straight forward, but it is really the most frustrating part of the work.  With a patterned fabric, you have to keep the pattern running true, and then there is the whole business of keeping wrinkles out and making sure all of the webbing and nailing structures are covered.  I choose to use my electric staple gun, so much easier than tacking or hand stapling!  I then glued gimping all around the face of the fabric to cover the staples.  Finally I added decorative tacks over the gimp for some added flare.  I should have done the back side first, as my skills improved as I moved forward with the project.

On the back side, I decided to to a double gimp run on the top shoulder and only run the tacks from that point up to the top, spacing them every other tack, as apposed to right next to each other, as I did on the front side.  I am really pleased with the way the chair finished.

I also finished the headboard for the little bed last month, and am really pleased with that project as well.  I have two other projects, that I hope to complete before we have to move, but that might be tough.  One is refinishing and repairing my grandfather’s stool from when he was in tech school, cira 1911.  The stool was made from old school desks that were destined for the boiler to heat the school.  A mixture of walnut and cherry inlays and intricate cutouts.  The whole thing has been so neglected over the years, the wood is dry and cracking, especially the top, which also suffered some sever water damage.  I don’t know if I can get the top back, but I want to try sanding back to raw wood, fix the missing inlays and refinishing.

Project two is a headboard for the King Sized bed.  I want to try my hand at a stuffed headboard.  I know the size I want, I think I know the fabric I want to use and the technique seems all set.  What I haven’t figured out is attachment.  I know i want legs and not fixed to the wall.

IMG_1364 IMG_1365 IMG_1366


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