We Played Cowboys and Jihad …

And the cowboys won, big time.  This past Monday, May 4th, two so-called radical muslims tried to attack a freedom of speech event in Texas.  These two misguided cult members had body armor, automatic rifles fitted with drum magazines and lots of ammo on them, but what they did have was skill or a divine right to kill.  Thankfully, this cult called Islam has tipped it’s hand too many times in the past, so the Garland, TX police where ready, the event people where ready (they had hired on extra off-duty PD officers as security), and mostly importantly, we did have skill and divine right on our side.  While the terrorist, all so known as muslims, opened fire, they dumped hundreds of rounds down range, in what is know as “Pray and Spray”.  it works in the movies, but rarely in real life.  Even a quail hunter knows when a covey flushes, you must single out the bird you want to take or you will miss every single time.

After the shock wore off, a lone Garland PD officer returned fire using only his service pistol.  I’m going to assume it was at least a .40 caliber handgun, as we are talking Texas here, but it was his time on the range and training that saved his life and those of countless others.

The bigger picture is why did these cult members come to Texas in the first place.  They came because people were exorcising their first amendment rights to drawn cartoons.  For these mental midgets, they go crazy if you draw a picture of their supposed prophet.  A prophet who claims that his god told him it’s required to kill Jews, subjugate women and turn all who are not part of cult into slaves.  Part of this cult also reads into this that you can’t make drawings of prophets, including Muhammed the raper of children, therefore if you draw a picture of him they use that as an excuse for violence; yet you don’t hear the same wailing and gnashing of teeth about any of the stuff being done to Jesus, another of their Prophets.  I guess when the Prophet who preaches peace and forgiveness is disgraced it’s no big deal.

Okay, so I’ve decided that since I can draw a lick, I would find a cartoon of the prophet of evil – that would be Muhammed, and post it up.  Should any of the members of this cult want to discuss this, I’m up for it.  Also, should you want to track me down and shoot me, you better make the first shot count – I shot back 😉


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