Railroading the Police

So I have kept silent over the last several months as punks, thugs and criminals looted and burned American cities from Missouri to Baltimore.  It truly dis disgusting how the race-haters fan the flames before all the information is out.  In the end, the Missouri PD were found to not have done what they were accused of doing.  It was all above the boards.

In NYC, a thug named Eric Gardner was selling illegal cigarettes.  He failed to comply with the police request to stop and be detained.  Instead he fought with the police, and they protected themselves.  Some say they use a “choke-hold”, but that requires the forearm to touch the neck, and the officer, from the video, showed his forearm on the collarbone.  He could breathe.  He died from his asthma, that was inflamed by running from the police.

Same thing for the punk in Baltimore – Freddy Gray.  He was asthmatic, he had been in a car crash and had had surgery on his neck TEN days prior to his arrest.  He then decided to bounce his head off the walls of the paddy-wagon, and from what has been leaked, hit a bolt, severing his spine.  He was a career criminal.  None knows why he ran from the Police, but when he saw them, he took off, that is enough probably cause in any jurisdiction!

Now we have “protesters” burning, looting and rioting on his behalf?  Want justice?  Support your local police department and stop voting for liberal democrats, who have run these cities for many decades.  The only thing I heard from the Baltimore DA, was the officers failed to buckle the punk’s seat belt.  the rest of it is pure bull crap.

So much for the America I grew-up in, I can’t wait to move out of the Northeast and into normal America.


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