Fitness Tips

So today I was going through my Junk email folders and I saw this e-magazine that I had looked at a while ago, but never opened the links.  Anyway, one of the links was titled something like the 7 excorsies you should never do, so I opened the link.  Being an ex-crossfitter (because I can’t find a decent box over here in NYS), I love these types of articles.  I have to say that it was easy to agree with most of their selections.  The easy ones were the machine lifts.

I would have gone a step further and just said, if you’re lifting weights, and using a machine, it’s not doing you any good.  machines are restrictive in there movement, and usually unnatural.  Yes, bodybuilders love them!  Of course they do, they are “building” a look, not function.  Functional movement and weight lifting has been driven into my head with the two years I did CrossFit over at CrossFit Lewiston (CFL).  I loved throwing weights around, in things like Bear Complexes or Overhead Squats. I also enjoyed body weight movements, like box jumps or wall climbers.  All of these movements made your whole body get involved, even if the prime movers were say the legs.

While I need to get more basic movement into my daily routine, folks who frequent gyms spend way too much time using machines.  Machines force you to work in a very linear fashion.  Your body rarely works that way, most of the time, your body works along multiple axises.  This is why functional movement is better for you – it makes you use multiple muscle groups as nature intended your body to move.  Run, jump, play, do something, but don’t do it on a machine.

One of the things that I did disagree with in the article, as Kettlebell swings.  Kettlebells were invented by the Soviet submarine service for a way for the submariners to keep fit with minimal space.  They contend that the swing uses more momentum than muscle; but that is only true if you don’t do the swing correctly.  Kettlebells use legs, arms and stomach muscles to stabilize the weight thought the swing; however the major muscle group worked are the leg muscles – prime movers for sure.


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