The Sounds of Nature

So this weekend was the first nice weekend around here the snow melted three weeks ago.  I had several little projects; collecting and bagging last years leaves, working on the Knitting chair reupholstering, cleaning the brown room for visitors, as well as building a new headboard for the small bed.  In addition, we where heading over to a former coworkers house for dinner on Saturday.

The promise of a warm sunny day on Saturday, as dashed early on, with cold, cold northernly winds and overcast cloud cover.  I was unable to get started, as my mood quickly matched the weather.  We did a little yard work, mostly raking leaves from last autumn (we purchased the house just before a long vacation, all the leaves came down and then it snowed before we could even get a quarter of the front yard raked!).  So we got four bags of leave bagged and much more piled for future bagging.

It’s a sad state of affairs when you have to purchase paper bags to put leaves into for collection by the town.  Back in Maine, we either gathered the leaves and yard waste up and took it to the transfer station, where it was composted and the finished composite was free for town folks to take home to their gardens, or you put them into your brush pile and got a burn permit.  When I lived at home in Pennsylvania, we put the leaves in garbage bags for collection.  Now I can purchase 50 garbage bags for the same price as 5 paper bags, so it really peeves me off with more of the regulations one must live with here in New York State.  Truth be told, much of the time in Maine, I just ran the leaves over with the tractor and mulched them into the lawn, only raking up then heavy edge and burning that bit with the ever present spring and fall brush piles!

Anyway, Saturday passed uneventfully, and since we stayed out later than our normal bed time with friends, we woke up late on Sunday.  We had a plan to build a new headboard and I needed some supplies to start the repair work on the reupholstering project, so off to Home Depot.  After our purchase and a quick lunch, we came back home to the whole neighborhood buzzing with activity, literally.  The day had turned into a bright, warm sunny day.  I figured an hour or two to start the basic repairs and assembly; meanwhile the wife took off for the food store for some cookout foods.  The entire time we worked and cooked out someone was using power equipment: lawn movers, string trimers, leaf blowers, or power washers.  I know it’s a pain, but with yards this small, I grew-up using a reel mower, rakes and shovels.  Back in Maine, with a yard ten times this size, a ride on tracker was a must, but nobody spent 5 hours cutting, and blowing.  And most of the work would be completed between the end of the work day and nightfall during the week, leaving the weekends for fun projects, family outings or quite backyard grilling.

Even during the day on Monday, the leaf blowing machines were out in force, I tried to spend some quite time on the back porch, working on the furniture project and preparing for an early afternoon phone interview, but I couldn’t with all the noise, so I move back indoors.

I grew-up in suburbia and moved to the countryside.  There are things I really like about suburbia, but the nature of live lived too closely has changed.  Next house need to have more land, if for no other reason than to put space between me and my neighbor.


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