Personal Time and the Job Hunt

This week will be a busy week.  I was up early this morning, 4:00am to get the wife off to the airport.  She still has a job and is flying out to the midwest today to run a workshop.  It’s a little weird, as traditionally I have been the one who does all the travel and she holds down the fort.  I was back to the house by 5, and would have loved to go back to bed, but I’m not wired that way, I love the mornings!  So an hour and a half later, I’m getting the first cup of coffee drunk.  The time in-between was spent surfing and dreaming/thinking about what needs to happen today.  Trash and recycling and 6 bags of leaves racked up this weekend were placed at the curb.

Later this morning, around 8 or so, me and the dog will jump in the truck and drive south to Bristol.  I’m doing this because at 3 this afternoon I have a face-to-face interview with one of three new employees I’m interested in.  The actual interview will be down by the airport, so another 40-60 minutes south, and is supposed to last 90 minutes or so.  There might be some food involved, but there will definitely be traffic to fight on the way back to the parent’s abode.

The plan is to overnight at mom and pop’s, then head back here, to rest up and prepare for my second interview of the week, on Wednesday.  that one is via phone and starts with a preparation call with the headhunter in the morning and then the actual interview in the afternoon.  This is the job I feel most suited for, and my second favorite location, but the least challenging, on paper.  I could be pleasantly surprised, if I keep my eyes open, as I thought the same feelings about my move to NYS for this last job.  It was a cluster-f**k from the start.  Therefore, I need to somehow weed out what is actually going on in the job role.

Lastly, I have an online job and skills test to take for the third job.  This job is in my favorite location, North Eastern PA, but seems more like a sourcing and/or designer role.  I’m still moving forward with it based on two factors: location and I haven’t talked to anyone but an HR recruiter at the company.  That call lasted all of twenty minutes and really was an overview of the posted online job description and a verbal talk about a few questions on my resume.

That still leave Thursday and Friday open for decompressing, as the wife does not return until 9pm on Thursday.  Things like cleaning, organizing and getting my clothes under control will all be tasks I have set aside for myself, not to mention the continued resume re-organization and job search.  I would love to get back outside and do more raking, but if the weather forecast hold true, this week will be more rain than sun.  I have two other projects set aside for myself; one is to build a headboard for the grey room (this also includes practice for a nicer headboard for our master bedroom bed!) and disassembly of the old knitting chair in preparation of reupholstering.  Yes a new skill/hobby to learn.

Busy, busy, busy week.  I think that will be a good thing.


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