Happy Easter!

I just realized that today is my thirtieth day of writing, I think I’ve misses one day and had two under 500, but considering I will be sans internet over the next couple of days, I will call the experiment a success – as I’m inspired to continue writing!

It’s extra special that today is one of the most Holy and blessed day on the Christian calendar.  God truly works in mysterious ways.  When I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, now over three years ago, I was already praying daily of several friends who were fighting or had fraught the good fight against cancer themselves; now I was added to at least three prayer chains and many more individual daily pray lists.  The power of prayer worked for me, and continued to work for me when my bone marrow checks came back clean, and then again when I needed to do chemotherapy a year and a half after my surgery.

Now I can hear the non-beleive out there saying, “but why did you need chemo, if all these prayers and God helped you so much with your cancer?”  When you have to know that with my cancer, there are two varieties; very fast growing or extremely slow growth.  I had the slow growing type.  The tumor in my neck that drove me to the doctors, was a small lump for nearly 10-years, then for whatever reason, it decided to start growing quickly (which is the nature of this cancer).

So, my Maine doctor was using the classic “watch and wait” technique for this disease.  My travel was limited to the US, very occasionally I would travel to Europe.  When I moved to New York, I had to get a new doctor, and the travel now extended to Asia.  There where two large tumors that the Maine doctor was watching, and they could have taken 20 years to get to the size they are today, however, if they decided to excite while over in China, well lets just say China is one of the dirtiest places on earth, and I’ve visited NYC which is close second, but at least from NYC, I’m only an hour or two away from good healthcare, unlike China, which is 15 hours on an airplane!  Therefore we needed to shrink these tumors to lower my chances problems with spontaneous growth.  The results, tumor reduction by half in both measured directions, or 3/4 reduction in volume of the biggest and most threatening tumor.  God is great.

So back to today.  I decided that in order to avoid all the Easter Lilies, and to introduce my wife to the Catholic tradition of the Easter vigil Mass.  The thing I didn’t count on, with the Vigil starting at 8pm, was that we would still have the full choir (I loath choirs, they needlessly add time to the Mass), 5 Adult baptisms and 19 Conformations!  Also the vigil started outside, with a  wood fire prayer and lighting of the candles!  So 3 hours into this, the Mass is finally over.

God is great, but Easter Vigil Mass is off the list!


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