Talk at the Barber Shop

This very lovely spring morning I found myself at my favorite barber shop, it’s just off route 9 and has up to six barbers working at any one time.  Today there were three barbers, and several customers waiting, I took the chair near the door.  The chair put me in a good position to listen to the stories, as everyone tells stories while they’re in the chair.  The young teenager, the one with the most hair, was pretty quite – they usually are, they haven’t figured out how the system works at his point.  They just want to get the haircut over with and get home without having to answer too many questions.

His grandfather was in the other chair, chatting cheerfully away about plans for Easter dinner.  Then diving into difference between dinner and supper.  Then moving on to why he’s not to keen of supper at the Halfmoon Diner, I lost interest, as the third barber came out of the back and took the older man at the other end of the line of chairs.

Customer number 3, was mostly bald, just some wild hair around sides and back – all of it shock white.  He was very much over weight, with two club feet and walked very unsteadily even with the cane.  He reminded of the typical “everyman” of upstate New York.  His story started off, quite loudly, inquiring if Dan, the barber, had seen “that politician, that Republican guy?”  My ear’s perked up, this was going to be good.  He was deeply upset because the politician was going to repeal all of Obamacare; and he was a “tea party Republican”.  The words were spit out like he had just eaten a tart lemon.

He then continued to educate us on the virtues of a government run healthcare system.  If all the states had just set-up healthcare exchanges before the laws became fully active, people would have choices.  The states the only gave one choice and just didn’t understand how insurance worked.  You see, people have different needs at different points in their life; the young couple with a couple of children don’t have the same needs for insurance, as older folks who’s children are grown and out of the house.  Really, do tell.

Funny how all insurance companies have multiple plans, plans to fit different needs.  It usually goes; single, families, and married plus spouse.  But you know, government programs always work out better, and more efficiently, heck just look at how well social security or food stamps are doing!  I so wanted to tell this old timer how wrong he was, how convoluted the exchanges are, and quite frankly, how un-American socialism is, and yes Obamacare is socialism, through and through.  Instead, I decided to listen some more, as he did;t have much hair to cut, he would be out of the chair soon anyway.

His next subject was just as comical as his first – flat tax.  Can you believe the audacity of Republicans, to want to do away with loopholes in the tax code, to make it so simple people can do their own taxes?  His reason for not liking the flat tax, was that it would save the “fat cats” taxes and put more of a tax burden on the poor.  How this was too happen, he did not explain.  typical democrat, all hot air, no substance.

I am now beginning to understand why New York state and New York City are so screwed up.  Leaving this place behind will be very good for my soul.


2 thoughts on “Talk at the Barber Shop

  1. Much like the discussion the groups lounging in Dunkin’ Donuts have, like the old black gentlemen telling his table partner in 2008; “Bush is not running again because he’s afraid to lose to Obama.” The kid with the long hair was right to keep his mouth shut.


    1. Hey HN, that is hysterical and sad all at the same time! The fact that you overheard that at a Dunkin Donuts can only scare the crap out of me thinking what’s being bantered about in StarYucks!
      Stay frosty fellow Patriot, things have to reverse themselves.


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