A Stumbling Block

Writer’s block, a headache and general laziness are my downfalls today.  I had intended to write a short story this afternoon, as all of my job search efforts were scheduled for before noon.  My plan was to write in the glorious sun and nice spring temperatures, they were hovering around the mid-fifties.  I know to write a good story, lot’s of background data must be generated long before the story words go on “paper”.

This weekend is Easter weekend, it’s going to be hard to find time to write, and I am making a quick trip to Philly to speak with a prospective new employer, I need to be focused on that interview.  So I think I will curtail my goal of 500 words per day, and write as much as I can each day that I have access to the internet.  I will make sure to add those missing days to my thirty.   Meanwhile, I might start the necessary background work.  I also need to finish Orson Scott Card’s book on writing Fiction and Fantasy.


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