April Fools

So if you watch any “news broadcast” headline lead story this week, and today in particular, the major story is the Religious Freedom Restoration Act being passed in Indiana and now Arkansas.  RFRA has been the law of the land at the Federal level since 1993, when the Act was passed unanimously in the house and 97-3 in the Senate, then signed into Law by then President Bill Clinton.  Since then 19 States, plus Indiana have passed a States Rights version of the Act.  And this morning Arkansas announced they will pass a RFRA law.

Folks on the political left, which is everyone in broadcast news, except FoxNews, are claiming this “new” law legalizes description against the gay lifestyle and I’ve even heard Al Sharpton claim the law is racist?  So for 22years, no one has had a problem with this law, which protects the religious beliefs of individuals from corporate America!  Let’s look at when the Law has been used.  Businesses can’t require a Jew or Sikh to shave their beards.  People who have used the law to defend their not wanting to bake a cake or take pictures at a same-sex “marriage”, have lost their cases in court.  Personally, I don’t think bakers or photographers should be forced to accept clients with who’s lifestyle choices they don’t agree with; alas this country has stopped being what our Founding Fathers envisioned decades ago.  I would try my hand a wedding photography, I did my nieces weeding for her, and it came out okay – no photoshopping, so the results are not what you might have gotten with a professional, but it was fun.  I would have purchased the needed software, probably taken lessons and schooling on how to work with the software; but I didn’t want to get sued because I would have to stand up for my beliefs by not condoning what i know is a lifestyle choice.

Now that we have established that the laws, both at the Federal and State levels, are not about stopping the gay agenda, so why all the attention?  That’s easy to answer.  It’s the greatest April Fools joke ever played.  It’s a distraction from the Hillary Clinton scandal(s).  The scandal the political left is protecting her from this time around is the illegal withholding of her emails while she was Secretary of State.

The so called mainstream media so wants to continue to have a democrat in the White House, that they will stoop to lying about these laws just to they can put them as the lead story and bury the real news of the day – that a person who is going to run for the highest office in our great nation, is a lair, cheat, and thief.  Hillary Clinton is scarier to me that Obama, who is a very good con-artist himself.  However, what Obama lacks in spine, Hillary makes up for it in spades – except she still doesn’t see America as a country of exceptionalism, but rather the cause of all that is wrong in the world today.

The terror attacks in Benghazi, nearly two and half years ago, are now forgotten.  Any information about who knew what and when are gone along with Hillary’s email servers.  We need the DOJ to step up and do the right thing, arrest Hillary Clinton and put Obama on the stand in 2016 to testify.   It won’t happen, it’s Washington DC, the right time rarely ever happens.

So while everyone is distracted by the falsehoods of the RFRA laws being passed in Arkansas and already sign legislation in twenty other States, remember to keep an eye on Hillary.  Watch what the media does every time another scandal is uncovered. It’s going to be April Fool’s Day everyday from now until next November,


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