A Sign of the Times

The first time I saw this perticular road sign, the wife and I were just driving around our new place in upstate New York.  We decided, after spending a a couple of hours wondering, we would go home along Riverview Road.  This road follow the contours of the Mohawk River, from the Rexford bridge to the Route 9 bridge, about 15 miles or so. I also I was looking for twisty roads for cycling.  This road is a bit narrow, but consequently I have found out that it is a heavily cycled road for serious cyclists.

So back to the sign.  When we first saw it, we couldn’t believe someone would actually make a sign that silly.  We actually laughed out loud!  I didn’t go back and take this picture until a month or so later, when I was out cycling.  I walked over to the sign and it’s not just some punched out tin, it’s a cast sign – they spent good money making such a silly sign!

Silly Sign on Riverview Road
Silly Sign on Riverview Road

As you can see, while the hyphenation is grammatically correct, they should have changed the font size, or stacked the words.  The other strange part of this sign, is that there isn’t a counter-part for travelers heading west and since the Mohawk is a fairly wide river down a 500-foot embankment, its kind of hard to miss it on the right as you travel east.  On the left side of the road at this point are a couple golf clubs, so I think it would be hard to mistake the river on the left side of the road, therefore I think they might have been able to dispense with “on right” altogether.

For me, this is indicative of the greater illness that has infected New York State – incompetence.  This seems to emanate from NYC and spreads north and west.  Its the reason they don’t seem prepared for snow in the wintertime.  The towns in the Capital district just lay tons of rock salt and plow once maybe twice during storms.  They rely on the salt to melt the snow they leave behind.  The cars are all rotting away; fenders are rusted, more rusted out mufflers than I’ve ever heard outside of Ohio!  There are whole business that do nothing but provide car washes.  I used to wash my car once, maybe twice a month living in Maine, to get the dirt and slush off.  Here in NY, I washed the car at least once a week during the winter time, or my black truck would be white from salt and prematurely rust out!

Too many regulations, too many taxes, too many fees; life will be good once we are able to leave the State.  It was always our goal to get away from Maine, make more money, build more equity and then retire someplace with a simple life.  Someplace where my satellite dish will work, and I don’t have to use cable.  Someplace where I can own firearms without permission from the State – how is that not unconstitutional?

A silly sign, a waste of taxpayers money, a representation of how corrupt this State really is.


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