I love being American.  There is no greater country in the world.  I’ve travelled the world ’round, and while their are places I love to visit and would go back to over and over again, yes I’m looking at you Munich, there is nothing like coming back the US.  Even being stuck in New York State, I love coming home.

Munich, Germany 2014
Munich, Germany 2014

When I lived in Maine, there was this house on a corner of two major State roads in Lewiston, that I loved.  The owner painted his roof like a waving Old Glory, he did it right after the 9/11 attacks as his way to poke the animals that attacked us for being the greatest nation in history.  The house is the featured image above, and I’ve decided to reload it below:


Traveling to SE Asia, I have seen and experienced some very interesting things; from food, art, people and pollution.  Given the choice between mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Vietnam, I would choose Hong Kong for it’s ability to provide western-style when needed, but I do have to say, Vietnam is preferred for it’s food and sights.  Below are some things I saw and/or experienced in Vietnam while on business!

Again, I was ready to come back to the states, even though I came home to cold, snowy weather.  Why?  Because, while I enjoyed all the sights and tastes and even the constant din of motorbike (colloquially known as “Hondas”), I constantly felt like I was one step away from overstepping my Americanism and offending the communist.

As for the other Asian countries I’ve visited, they are overfilled with people and pollution.  When I hear the American environmentalists decrying the evil corporate America, I want to ship them off to Shanghai for a week.  It feels like every day is overcast, except it’s just an inversion of smog.  Every river is brown, with trash floating in it.  Coming home to America, we are sparkling clean.  If you really want to clean-up the environment – start in China!  Since the environ’s won’t go over there and see real calamity, you know that they aren’t about cleaning up the environment nor finding “cleaning” energy, but rather taking down the best part of America – our freedom!

While there are still many places on this earth that I want to see, there is so much more of America I need to see.  Going to the Grand Canyon, my initial thoughts were, okay, I’ve seen pictures and now I’m just going to see this big trench.  However, I was told you must see this wonder in person.  I was blown away.  One can not describe the Canyon in words, nor can you capture it in picture; it’s just too big – and I don’t mean size big, but concept big.  I will go back again.

Today, I just let the word come to me, I didn’t end up where I thought I would when I started today’s blog entry.  And that is a bit of freedom in and of it’s self.


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