First day of spring, and it’s snowing.  I love spring, it’s always nice to see the snow melt away, yet still have it cool enough out that you need a light jacket or long sleeves.  In that respect, early spring is a lot like autumn; except things are greening up and not so colorful.  Spring is a time of renewal, find out what is under the snow after all these long winter months.

For me, I’ve had lots of time on my hands these last three weeks, since getting fired; it’s been a spiritual renewal of sorts.  For the first time in my life I don’t have a path forward.  I’ve changed jobs only three times since finishing Graduate school; each time I made a change, I made the change.  I was able to pick my exit time, to be somewhat prepared for the financial, logistical and emotional hurtles.  Now I have to rely on others to help me over those hurtles, it hurts.  I will come out of this stronger, I’m sure, but getting there is not fun.

So now your all thinking, why the coo-coo clock?  Growing up, my dad’s dad had an old clock.  I loved watching that clock, and it was special when Pop would let me wind the pine cones.  You had to be careful, the clockworks were delicate, according the old man.  When he past, I got the clock, but it was in really bad shape, and I think it’s still packed in my mother’s attic.  I couldn’t take the clock to college with me, so I left the clock at home.

It would be until 5 years after college that I saw a clock on one of the shopping channels.  I didn’t think twice, I purchased that clock.  It reminded me of Pop with every coo-coo!  It was very close to Pop’s clock, but where his said, made in Germany, mine said made in West Germany.  Well, that clock made it 15 years, until my own little boys tugged a little to aggressively and sure enough the chain jumped the works.  That clock has been set aside and moved here and there and is with us in New York, with the promise, of being fixed someday.

In the meantime, I purchased a new clock when we were in Germany this past October.  We were in the market square in Munich and I saw an entire shop devoted to clocks.  There where some very expensive clocks, but I settled on the one that reminded me of Pop, it’s in the picture.

The regular tic-tock makes me think of simpler times, not just in my life, but when these clocks were the height of technology.  Sometimes I wonder if I would be happier living off the land, but I know I’m too soft for that lifestyle.  But simplification is the way to go.  It fits my Paleo world view.  Eat simple, less processed food; move more that not; send time outside.  I don’t spend enough time outdoors, but grass cutting season is coming.

I know this was a long rambling monologue, but the clock struck me today.  I miss the simpler days.  I need to simplify every aspect of my life, boil it down to the basics, save some time for the important things.  If I can set important things into a natural rhythm, like the tic-tock of the clock, they will stay with me, even when I land that new job, and it tries to complicate my life again.


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