The Politics of Hate

Several new policy issues have come up with our fearless leader over the course of this week, and I just can’t not write about them.  First let me start by declaring for the record, I have never voted for a democrat in my lifetime.  I have two litmus tests, and democrats can’t pass them both.  The first is being Pro-Life.  It’s real simple with me, abortion, for reasons other than mother’s death or rape or incense, is murder.  The second test, is any candidate I vote for has to stand behind the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution.  No if, then or buts: our Founding Fathers certainly meant to normal everyday citizen to own, without permits or restriction and firearm manufactured – especially “military-style” firearms.  This amendment is the ultimate check against a strong central government.

Okay, so knowing all this, you can imagine that the last 6 years have not be the best, in my opinion.  And this week has been extremely bad.  This week, Israel held an election.  Obama and his minions tried to influence that election – they lost big time.  Now Barry is throwing a hissy-fit, he waited three days to call Netanyahu, yet he called the PM of Iran within 24 hours of his election to the terror-state.  Presumably this is all over Netanyahu stating that he and his party will not support an independent Palestinian state, until they can guarantee the arabs will stop attacking Israel.  To add insult to injury, the Obama administration is threatening to not block sanctions against Israel in the UN.

Then, today, he was asked if he could go back in time and do his first day in office differently, what would he do?  Barry said he would close Gitmo on day one, instead of waiting a year.  Closing Gitmo is crazy.  Why would you want to bring terrorists to the homeland and give them Constitutional protections?  I guess if I felt a brotherhood with them I might want them to be tried as normal citizens, but the truth is that they are enemy combatants, not criminals, they should be tried by the military and any sentence they receive, carried out by the military.

Lastly, Barry talked about wanting to make voting mandatory.  There are only 11 countries in the whole world that are this draconian!  So when any intelligent person suggests we should have to prove who we are at the polls, i.e. voter ID, the heads of democrats explode!  So now, we’re going to make every one vote.  Remember that only US citizens can vote, so how are you going to prove you are a US citizen if you’re not required to show ID?  Another question.  How is the government going to enforce this policy.  I assume it will be run through the IRS, like healthcare is not being done (until, hopefully, Republicans can remove this awful piece of legislation), then they can fine you if you don’t vote.

All of this feels like Barry is finally realizing this is last chance to bring America down.  He has weakened our military to the point that it’s almost not functional – it will take years to restore our fighting force to what it needs to be.  Our economy is rebuilt on a house of cards  And, now, we are isolating our only ally in the middle east.  Israel has been testing our weapons and tactics for decades; we should be working with them whenever and wherever we can.  Iran can not get a nuke.

Call be crazy, but I truly think Barry is a closet muslim and secretly wants to “fundamentally” change America for the worst.  God help all of us if we elect another democrat in 2016.


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