Coffee Wars

Why on earth anyone still shops at StarBucks (here forth referred to as StarYucks), is beyond my comprehension.  And this week they’ve made it even easier for me to avoid them even more.  I stopped going to StarYucks many years ago, manly because the coffee tastes burnt to me (the self proclaimed coffee snob).  I can’t taste anything beyond over roasted beans, even if I add tons of sugar and cream – then it just tastes like warm tweeted cream!

Since going Paleo, I have given up processed foods, and sugar is tops of my list, so my coffee has to taste good black.  Prior to Dunkin Donuts release of their Dark Roast, my go to chain coffee was McDonalds.  They brew a good cup of basic java, but since I like my roasts far darker these days, I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time I had a coffee at MickyD’s.

So in addition to the terrible taste at StarYucks, I would occasionally go with my wife and have a muffin, but two things changed.  Firstly, the customers became snotty – too hipster for me.  Too many tattoos, nose pricing and earlobe spacers, which frankly kill any appetite.  Secondly, corporate has openly come out and proclaimed support for anti-gun groups.  StarYucks take corporate profits and works to take away basic citizen rights, rights guaranteed under the Constitution!  So I actively look for places other than StarYucks to spend my money, even if I’m traveling and spending company monies.  If I’m with others who wish to drink their swill, I just tell them I don’t like burnt tasting coffee and look for a DD or a local coffee shop.

So now, corporate StarYucks has come out with another reason to not spend money there, the racism signage on your coffee cup!  I agree that this country is too divided along racial lines, but it is precisly the liberal progressives who have fostered that divide.  Look at which political party was against ending slavery, giving minorities the right to vote, the basic civil rights to equal education, work and opportunity – yes it was the progressive democrats.  They like to create problems and then go solve them by taking away the rights of others.

And right now, their cult of personality leader, Barack Obama, and his “Justice” Department are tearing the city of Ferguson, Missouri apart at the seams.  Why?  So that they can erode the police powers, and take away more of your civil rights, such as your right to bear arms, or to assemble and petition the government.  This current administration smacks of Nazism.  there I said it, the only difference is Barry Obama isn’t willing to use force and is eroding our rights in the name of Islam.  The 2016 general elections can’t come soon enough, and God help this once great nation, if we elect another democrat.  It’s going to be hard enough to rebuild what has been lost over these past 8-years.  President Bush was just starting to gain back the losses under Clinton, and that took 8-years while fighting two wars!

So back to point.  StarYucks is for those that don’t care for good tasting coffee and are full of themselves.  I for one, will never pay for, nor drink another StarYucks coffee in my lifetime; and I’ve got the tee shirt to prove it – “Friends don’t let friends drink Starbucks”, so says the shirt!


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