Writer’s Block

Writer’s block today.  I’ve been stuck all day. So you’re going to get my paleo diet from today!

Breakfast was just coffee and a cup of yogurt, with some pineapple thrown in.  Okay, so not your whole 30 paleo, but like I’ve said before, I do use milk products, I just try to stay away from milk if possible.

Lunch was a late affair, a couple of hard boiled eggs, chopped up  and mixed with dill pickle and mayo.  Add in two slices of thick cut bacon and more coffee!  Ate this affair on the back sun porch.  Which is fully enclosed and the windows closed because it was still only in the high 30’s out there today; however with the sun beaming in through all the windows, the porch was quite warm.  I did have a long sleeved tee and my heavy overstuffed vest on, so that did help.  Prior to lunch the dog, cat and I spent some time out on the back deck.  The two animals searched the yard for signs of squirrels and I shoved more ice and snow from the deck surface.  With the promise of rain and mid 40 temps tomorrow, the deck should be mostly clear by mid week.

Dinner was the real Paleo treat.  We started my baking up a small spaghetti squash.  Then we browned up about a pound of lean ground beef in the left-over bacon fat.  After draining the pan and removing the meat, we pan fried an onion and about 6 ounces of mushrooms in a little olive oil.  All of this was added to my favorite spaghetti sauce, Boves.  They are a small company out of Vermont, and if you take the time to read the label you will find only tomatoes, oil and herbs, sometimes mushrooms or wine, depending on the make-up of the sauce.  No sugars, no preservative, and usually priced below the name brands!  Anyway, this was all dashed together and slowly simmered while the squash baked; and me and the wife took the dog for a neighborhood walk.

Everyone was ready to eat upon our return.  The brisk walk in the crisp air and the wonderful smells from the kitchen worked wonders on the appetite.  We added a little cheat with some wine, but hey, nobody’s perfect all the time.  After dinner, we eat the last of the Paleo pumpkin pie I made last Friday.  The Pie only used pumpkin puree, eggs, coconut milk, honey and spices; while the crust was almond flour and coconut oil.  It came out very nice.  And the other cheat of the night, expresso lattes, when quite well with the pie!

I would have liked to have added more functional movement into the day, to fully round out the Paleo lifestyle, but I had banking and job phone interviews to work.  Since those two things worked out pretty well (no direct job offer, but an offer to pitch my resume over to company that could really use me) and the mobile banking needs straightened out, I was feeling very good about myself this afternoon.  So much so that I decide to open a new self-directed IRA.  This is my first step to moving my 401k money from this last job, into ownership of physical precious metals, something I’ve been wanting to do since Obama won reelection.  By week’s end I have a small part of my retirement protected against bad Presidents who don’t understand economics.  Hopefully, that will keep me from losing half of my retirement funds, like I did under Clinton!

Okay, political rant off and back-burnered for another blog post in the future.


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