Howling at the Moon

I’ve been catching up on old Being Human shows on Netflix.  I’ve always liked werwolf movies.  And I love the depth of the characters in the TV series, however, I really don’t like how werwolves are portrayed.  I’ve never liked vampires – they are the stuck-up yuppies of the monster universe.  They always read like romance novels.  Not that I begrudge romance novels, I’ve never read one, I just can see myself writing one; thus I don’t think I could write a good vamp story.

Werwolves and other lycanthrope are the stuff of nightmares for me, yet I loved them when I played Dungeons and Dragons.  I think it was the way the game handled the change.  You could keep it traditional – changing only with the full moon, becoming a full blown wolf or a hybrid wolf-man.  In a latter game system, Werewolf, you could set-up your lycanthrope to change at will or just change one body part.  Say you needed to hear better, morph your ears into wolf ears and increase auditory function!

I like the wolf-man morph type.  I like when the lycanthrope can partially change, based on the phase of the moon.  This keeps them on par with the vampires.  It makes sense to me that the two sub-human races would keep the balance of power in check, otherwise, the vampires would rule the world, and that just doesn’t fit reality.

I know, I sound crazy arguing reality when talking about fantasy monsters; but as any good fiction writers understands, you might have a world that is believable for the fantasy hook to work.  I’ve oft thought I could write about this struggle, but how does one hold down a job, and be part of society with this affliction?  I guess I could use the loner hitch, like in the Jack Reacher stories, where the hero just wanders into situations where only his military training saves him.

So my spin on werwolves has always been misunderstood anti-heroes.  They have been cursed with this terrible affliction through no fault of their own.  That holds true wether you use the tried and true, bite by another werwolf methodology, or a more modern take that lycanthropy is a genetic difference in humans.  I like the more modern scenario, that allows for packs, and training on what’s happening, maybe the change coincides with adolescence; it certainly is a strange enough time in ones normal life anyway.  Hey what would you rather have in high school, zits or or the ability to become superhuman?  I would have chosen the superhuman lycanthrope, even if it meant I wasn’t one-hundred percent in control of myself the first couple of times I changed.  I would hope I didn’t kill anyone the first times I changed.  Then as I learn to control the process, I could learn to control the beast within.

I guess this is another thought process that will just have to go on paper in the near future; if for no other reason other than to see if I can squeeze a readable and interesting story out of the jumble of ideas I have on this subject.


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