Rain.  Oh how I love rainy days.  Today it was mostly drizzle, but it was overcast all day, one of those days that you have a hard time comprehending the time of day.  Add to this the recent shift back to Daylight Savings Time and it’s easy to find yourself suddenly deep into the afternoon without having done anything.  Its a great day for lazing about.  Especially when you heard the light rain and drizzle on the widow and skylight and the fireplace is gentle burning, keeping the moist cool air at bay.  There is much less snow on the ground, this type of rain is very good at eating snow.  In fact, all my years in Maine have taught me that nothing eats snow like fog, except a light drizzle and mild temperatures.

Rain in the early Spring is my favorite rain.  Yes it’s cold, but sitting inside and feeling like you have permission to journal or catch up on TV series is grand.  Second on my list of rain favorites has got to be October rains.  Again, living in Maine and taking up bird hunting, I was exposed to more rainy or drizzly days in October.  It seemed every weekend there was rain Friday evening, leaving the wood damp, or rain in the afternoon of Saturday.  I always saved a week of vacation for mid-week hunts in October, and even then it seemed like the sky would at least threaten to rain.

Summer rains are my least favorite rains.  Yes they are warmer, but summer seems like the time I want unobstructed time to cycle or workout outside, and rain or threat of rain can really but a damper on those plans.  I prefer the rain to fall at night, keeping the lawn from browning out and the garden watered.  Summer is the time for camping, and a rainy campsite is not any fun.  That being said, we my family would spend time down the Jersey shore, we always hoped for one rainy day.  A day that we wouldn’t feel guilty for not going to the beach, but rather stay indoors and play cards.

There is something magical about a rainy day.  The world is muffled.  Edges are softened.  Colors are muted.  It always you to step back, slow down and disconnect.  Rainy days give my mind the freedom to think, to wander, to imagine.  I should spent the day writing stories stuck in my head, but I decided today was going to be a mind vacation.  Since my firing two weeks ago, I have been working a some depression.  Making myself work, whether is’s looking for work, talking with headhunters or brushing up my resume, hasn’t helped.  I needed a day to completely disengage, and a rainy day is the perfect day to do just that.

So tomorrow is supposed to be rainy as well.  Hopefully, it won’t rain all day, as I do have to get some things completed this weekend.  But if the rain can stay a light drizzle, eat more snow and still alway me to get the few tasks I have set for myself outdoors, I’ll feel good.

And maybe I’ll still put some of those bits of stories “on paper” and free myself from a job search another day, after all, Monday will be here sooner than I’d like it to be.


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