It Feels Like Spring

Having spent two days back in my parent’s house, some 250-miles to the South of here, it reminded me that Spring was truly right around the corner.  When I got back to the house in New York, much of the snow that was on the roof, was gone.  The Sump pump was running at twice the time interval it had all winter, so in my mind, Spring has sprung.  When the snow is melting from the roof and the sump pump is running, in Maine, it’s spring – even if it snows the next day!

Soon there will be patches of ground and grass starting to sprout.  It will be bittersweet for me, as I don’t think I’ll have time to do much yard work, as I’m hoping to be employed before the end of April, and I’m hoping that employment takes me south or back to one of the three northern New England states.  Should I land a job that keeps me here, vis-a-vis, a sales role where I can work from a home office and fly around to visit customers, well then, I will get to enjoy all four seasons in this great house my wife and I found.

One of my favorite things about Spring, is not having to wear bulky heavy jackets.  I can wear just a sweater or sweatshirt with jeans and feel comfortable in the sunshine.  Oh and is there anything better than sitting in a warming sunbeam, watching the snow drip off the roof?  The only thing that makes it better for me is a really good cup of coffee to sip on while I day dream.  Those used to be perfect Saturdays for me.  Get outside for a little exorcise, come back in and sip the afternoon away with coffee and thoughts.  Now That is my weekday routine, and as good as it feels, I need it to stop, quickly.  I need to work hard like the flowers that feel the warming sunshine, and rise up and work to find that new job.  I wish it could be as a writer, that has always been on of those day-dreams, but I’m not sure I have more that a weird collection of idea floating around in my head.  Not enough to make a good story from.

Part of this 500-word daily challenge, is to see if it can spark some creativity.  Maybe tomorrow I try putting some thoughts out there and see if they look any good written down.  I need to organize my thoughts, my paperwork, my life.  Spring a great reminder that we all need to renew something in our life.  My renewal will be organization.

My last thought for the day, is that I need to start carrying my camera with me. Without an H, has reminded me of how much I used to just snap pictures with my old 35mm film cameras.  Now with a digital 35mm framed camera, I should just fill up a memory card and can easily trash the junk.  While I’m just not sure what I’ll find around this neighborhood, unlike my street in Maine, I guess I’ll never know until I look.


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