I Don’t Heart NY

I currently live in the State of New York, but I grew-up outside of the great city of Philadelphia.  After college and grad school, I moved to upper NorthEastern New Jersey – yuck.  The spillover from NYC was disgusting.  I grew-up near southern New Jersey and the Shore – some of the most beautiful country there is (no mountains, but lot’s of farm land!).  Then I moved to Maine for my second job, living and working there for nearly 23 years.  And while I complained about the driving habits of Mainers while I lived there, I have found a whole lot worst group over here in NYS.

Maine folks aren’t the best on ice, rarely getting ice, but boy can they drive in snow and off-road!  I was able to learn both of those techniques while living there, and added them to my ice driving skills – making me a better driver than the average Maine driver.

Philadelphian drivers, we speed we roll stop signs, we don’t come to a complete stop at a tokens only toll booth on the old NJ Parkway, we pass on the right if the other guy is turning left – we are efficient drivers and really give up our right-of-way.  My time driving in New Jersey, except for my time up in the North East corner, was always a pleasure too.  they know how to make traffic circles that work, they understand you don’t hog the left hand lane if you are not going as fast as the rest of the drivers.

Okay, so I’ve only lived in New York State for 18-months.  I was warned about the fanatical upside-down gun laws here, the über-high taxes, and lack of open fields.  I thought I could work through much of this if the the new job would satisfy.  Well, as we all know, I am currently out of work, having been “let go” two weeks ago.  So now all the little things that were distractions are now disturbances.  Things like no really good pizza (the crust is too thin), the crowded housing situation, the absolutely horrendous driving habits of people over here and the general lack of caring (however, I do have one really cool neighbor, who will help out in a jam).

The drivers over here really do not understand how to drive with courtesy.  They weave in and out of high speed traffic; they will speed up and cut you off, when they could have slowed down and made their exit ramp behind you.  It seems every intersection of two or more major highways has some scissor exit – that’s where one group pf cars are entering the highway on the same stretch of pavement as those exiting!  It’s insane.  Then you throw into the mix, when driving on the local roads, they will stop short and allow someone out of a crossing road or parking lots, when there is a line of cars behind them!  It’s as if they have two minds; one for the highway and one around town.

I have two employment options.  Either I love the State and find employment with a new company (the most likely scenario) or someone hires me as an accounts manager and I can work from home.  This would be good, in that I could get a few more payments on this 4-month old house mortgage and then sell it and move back to Pennsylvania.  Either way, I expect I will be out of the Sate of New York before the end of 2016.


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